roofing in Tulsa | skeleton roof

This content was written for Lewis Roofing

It may be possibility that this Halloween with the changing of the seasons and the drop in temperature and may help the probability of having tornadoes in this area. Which is why if you are looking for roofing in Tulsa areas then you should 100% choose Lewis Roofing as your first choice. Because on Halloween night the winds pick up and steal all the shingles from your house, you might just end up with a skeleton of a roof. But do not fret because we have 24/7 emergency services by calling 918.394.0306 you can contact us to come and fix it for you.

One way to prevent their skills and roof happening to you is you can enlist us for assistance and detailed vital check ups on your roof where we make sure everything on your roof is sturdy and is not need of repair. By doing frequent checkups on your roof we can ensure that nothing is going awry. This is why people choose us for roofing in Tulsa. We ensure that we fixed the little problems with your roots before they turn into big problems. This will save you time and money with any major issues that might build up if you do not choose us for checking and repairs.

It is vital for you and your company or home to choose Lewis Roofing when looking for roofing in Tulsa and surrounding areas. If you are not from Tulsa or even from Oklahoma we are still able to reach out to you for your roofing needs. If you want to save money and time in the future then spending a little investment interests will definitely be an investment back into your own pocket. If you are not willing to risk a major event happening to your proof than you need to think of the possible benefits of lost revenues when it comes to avoiding the needs of your roof.

Recurring maintenance and repairs can be an easy way to avoid a migraine or major headache and the future. Not many people realize that about 80% of people’s problems can be completely avoided. If you put in a little extra tender loving care to your roof ahead of time then it will be more sturdy when the rains come. If you keep an eye on the possible leaking areas and fix them prior to rainstorms that he will not have to deal with water damage and other negatives that come with bad weather. We want to ensure you that want the best for you and your roof.

Remember when the best ways to call us especially for emergency services is through the phone number 918.394.0306. This is the best way to contact us in case of emergency and hope that we can help you with anything you need. The website is also another very useful resource of information when it comes to services and maintenance is that we can provide to you, the prices for these services are not listed on the website but you can ask questions at the phone number as well to get specifics.

roofing in Tulsa | no more leaks

This content was written for Lewis Roofing

Are you experiencing leaks from the rain that we have been receiving care in Oklahoma and surrounding areas? Are you in need of a company to provide you roofing in Tulsa? If you answered no to either of these questions then why are you reading this article? However,if you answered yes to the first two questions then we can 100% help you. We can help you achieve all of your roofing dreams. Our work is out of this world, you will not be disappointed.

So in case you wake up in the night and there is a leak somewhere in your house or in your roof and there is no need to freak out for Google how to fix a leak because Google is not an expert roofing in Tulsa. But if you want to know who are experts in roofing the answer is Lewis Roofing. Lewis Roofing has had nearly five decades of experience when it comes to roofing. Which is why you should not Google ways to fix your link in your roof.

Google will probably do so you have a patch of her short amount of time until a real company can arrive. Google will tell you that you need to number one, go to the attic if you have access to do so and clear any insulation off of the wet ceiling drywall. It’ll then probably ask you to follow the week starts the original source for the direct hole in the roof itself. And then it will tell you to patch it with some kind of tar or a single piece of the shingle or plywood. Obviously you’re going to need to do more than this if you want a lasting results. So save yourself time and wasted effort and just call Lewis Roofing for your roofing in Tulsa.

However if you are wondering what to do with a leak until Lewis Roofing gets to you we do have some tips to offer. The number one thing to do is stop the water damage, to stop the water damage you have to find the leak so you are also able to point that out to the company when they arrive. So if possible you need to stop more water from entering the house, and contain the water is already entered this may require buckets and mucking it up or containers to catch the water. Next step is to remove the water that you can contain and dispose of it outside. Basically just follow these steps until the company can arrive. And they will do the rest for you.

Now the pricing on these kind of fixes are extremely varying and we can offer you a quote so you would expect it comes to pricing. You can fill out some information about the services that you need we can offer you quote this can be done through As well as calling and asking specifically about prices can get you some information as well by calling 918.394.0306. We don’t want you to freak out in the middle of the night when something is going wrong during a storm which is why we offer you emergency repair and cannot wait to assist you in your needs.